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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Masai Beads Collar

This Masai collar would not stop calling to me. It's authentic, from Kenya. I happened upon Ethnic Arts in Berkeley, showcase rooms filled with ethnic art and home decor from all over the world: textiles, puppets, wooden carvings, jewelry, paintings and images that aggregate to the size of a warehouse.
I am not usually drawn to ethnic art but every morning after eyeing the above collar I woke up thinking about it.  Black Tribella shorts: Sola Lucy. Black t-shirt: Target.  Red boots so old the designers name is lost; they started life as high heels;  I had them converted to be more casual.  Red bracelet is an old belt.  Cowgirl hat: Target. My trusty Omega watch.  


  1. Cute boots. Love the tribal Africa inspired necklace!


  2. Beautiful collar. I would want it too. I like the idea of the belt as a bracelet. I have one I have planned to wear, but haven't as of yet. Pretty red boots.

  3. Wow...Imagine being 69, and still be able to pull off looks like this one. Please allow me to say how sexy this is. Ladies half your age would be envious over such curvy, delicious looking legs.

  4. I am beyond happy to see a 69 year old rock shorts - you look wonderful!

  5. Your bracelet and boots are so gorgeous! Thank you Anita, for sharing your great look with Visible Monday.

  6. I second what Karsten said!! Wowza!