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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Black & Red

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!!!! Hoping 2012 (twenty dozen) brings you & yours health, hope, love, peace, prosperity, joy and good luck. 
Black cowgirl hat: Target.  Red heart pin: Telegraph Ave street vendor, 1967.  JLo by Jennifer Lopez black jacket and The Territory Ahead red sweater: thrifted from Sola Lucy. Black, cordoroy HUE jeggings: DB Shoes.  
Black Etienne Aigner boots: thrifted.  Boho black cashmere, fingerless gloves with red threaded buttons: Molly b.  

Rio dog with red scarf: Ebony Beauty Supply.  Loving disposition courtesy of being part Black Lab & Great Dane.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Memory Lane

 I have been home for two days hiding from a cold.  So I decided to go down memory lane, sharing some photos from my Team in Training - TNT - days.  I had so much fun and comraderie working with TNT in 2007 and 2008, raising money to support leukemia research & treatment and training to run the half marathons.  With benchmark guidance by TNT Coaches Al and Lisa, I completed two half marathons and had the privilege of mentoring a team one season while getting the joy of helping others.  Above: Night before the Nike San Francisco Half Marathon 10.20.07.  Below: Runing the Nike on 10.21.07.

Below: Completing a 9 mile training run for the Nike Marathon  9.1.10.
 Below:  Running the PF Chang Half Marathon in Phoenix. Arizona    1.30.08

Team in Training Mentor Training 1.30.08.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blue Gray

I'm back!  I'm feeling rested and more upbeat after a visit with friend Sharon Garnica who is guest photographer today.  Gray hat: Target.  Silver necklace:  El Cerrito Jewelers.  DKNY gray sweater: thrifted.  Hue jeans: DB Shoes.  Blondo (waterproof, lined for warmth, heeled for comfort) gray boots: The Walk Shop.  Boho fingerless, charcoal, cashmere gloves:  Molly b, Berkeley, Ca.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Captivating Carolyn

 Carolyn's beauty is helped by her inner glow! Her smile and eyes are captivating.  She is inspiring with her finished look.  She accessories so very well!!!!!!!  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Party ! ! !

Since getting the shocking news of cancer in my beloved in-law, I haven't had the umph for blogging.  And the holiday celebrations further diverted me from my postings.  
I did enjoy a friend's dancing birthday party last Thursday 12.22.11.  Photos taken on iPhone 4S by Jennifer. Banana Republic pants: thrifted.  One Step Up red strappy top:  Nordstrom.  5th Avenue belt: NYC.  Bruno Magli black open toe dressy heels: Nordstrom.  Fingerless red gloves with bow (a favorite practical accessory of mine):H&M.  Red bead necklace handcrafted by Julie's Gifts,  415.823.6396 (  White rabbit jacket is a purchase from the 1980s; don't remember where I bought it.  I had to have it because the boxy, wide-shouldered style reminded me of a silver fox fur jacket my mother wore in the 1940s that I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!  I only buy faux fur these days; fur is so cozy on a cold night.     

When I saw Ashley's knock-out heels I was excited !!!!!!!  Then I looked up to see her top repeating the pattern and I swooned.  I had to share the stunning, bold look.  Sheik Shoes:  San Francisco. iPhione 4S photos.  

Elegant, radiant Ethel was at the party with her very nice & wonderful, handsome man, Will. 
Resplendent in red: Ethel and Anita

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Glamorous: Wanda

Wanda embodies glamour, beauty and sexiness.  She is an inspiration!  Look at that tiny waist!! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Fashionista: Ethel

Ethel is the ultimate fashionista because her beauty radiates from within.  She practices devotion to her spiritual, physical & mental fitness.  She is ALWAYS well put-together.  Her fabulous thrifted boots inspired this eye-treat outfit.  She made her lovely earrings to accent the look.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Climbing is one of my passions.  Nothing makes this 69 year old feel like an 8 year old like the exhilaration of scaling a challenging wall or rock face.  It's the glee of true accomplishment, the joy of mastery.  I love climbing and the friends who belay, coach, support and encourage me.  
White tank top & gray leggings: Target.  Silver necklace & earrings: Mexico.  Omega Watch.  

Monday, December 12, 2011


I am old enough to know that HEALTH is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in life. Without health I have a very compromised quality of living. I am very, very lucky to be part of a blended family: the divorced & remarried families on both my son & his wife's side harmoniously celebrate holidays & share events together. It is something my partner, Norman, and I both wanted. But we split when our son, Jason, was only two. The separation was wrenching & contentious, filled hurt, anger, rage & hostility. After 5 years our chill had softened enough for him to, very considerately, sit me down to tell me he was remarrying Roberta. Further healing came with father-time and Roberta & her family's unusually hospitable welcoming me into their family. Her father, when he was alive, once called to make sure I was coming to his wife's birthday. Her brother & I share political connections & email conversations. Roberta and I have grown closer over the years, as we have "girl" talk & email about our sons, grandsons and family. She has become more like a sister. Two weeks ago after an MRI prompted by 6 weeks of excruciating back pain, w/ no relief, Roberta was shockingly diagnosed with metastasized cancer. Later PET scan showed a likelihood of lung cancer (tumor found), abnormalities in bones/vertebrae, and evidence of cancer in the abdominal lining; also a spot on the liver. An abdominal biopsy was done Friday; results this week on type of cells and in two weeks on whether it’s a genetic mutation. Lung cancer in non-smokers is rare so it might (hopefully) be genetic mutation that is treated w/ pill rather than chemo chemical cocktail. We are hopeful; pulling together and having faith, as we are fortunate enough do in times like these.  It is a very trying time for Roberta and Norman; she is not feeling well.  And it is a very sad time for the rest of us. Below is a photo of us taken in May of 2010 & our son, November 2005.


Wanting to feel uplifted, I dressed for the theater Saturday to see Wild Bride at the Berkeley Rep. The play is fabulously raucous, entertaining & enthralling: bawdy, circus, dancing, singing & dialogue. 
Vertigo black trousers: NYC.  Jones of NY black jacket: thrifted.  Fabulous Patrick Robinson silk and organza blouse: gifted from cousins Kathy/Danielle.  Underneath blouse: silk camisole:  LLBean.  Mz. Moon black boots: Rabat.  Hat: Target.  Boho cashmere, fingerless gloves: molly B.     

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gray Twins

Pat Hall is my guest fashionista.  She is always fashionable and stylish.  I thought our boots were the same but mine have two buttons (Target), hers (Burlington) have one button. And I could not resist capturing our gray motif.


 I wore both hats, at different times of the day/night.  The all gray: Target.   Herringbone with pink: closet.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue and Yellow

Yesterday I sang the praises of hats and fingerless gloves and today those accolades are for boots.  Boots provide functionality (warmth & protection) and added style.  When I wear the same color boot as pants I feel they give the illusion of being taller (for my 5 foot body, height - or the illusion of - is something I seek)!  And if the boots have a heel, whoopee, even more height.  With the 4 inches of hat and 2 inches of heel suddenly I'm 5'6"!!! 

Hat: Target.  Yellow, wool, ribbed turtleneck sweater: Nordstroms in the 1980s.  tothemax! jean jacket: gift from cousins Danielle & Kathy.  Hue jeggings:  DBShoes.  Blue suede boots: Aerosoles.