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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Casual Blue

Yes, I am a Cal snob, a UC elitist.  Although there are ten UC campuses, Berkeley was the first & has the most Nobel Prize Winners: 22 faculty & 28 alumni, so we just say Cal or UC expecting everyone to know which of the 10 campuses we mean...  Cal fleece & blue felt, ribbon hat: Target.  Hue jeggings: Beauty&Attitude.  Navy fingerless gloves: American Apparel.

Faux Fur

Tiff faux fur vest; feathered brown fedora hat and tan scarf: Target. Vintage lace blouse & Dan Post boots: thrifted @Sola Lucy.  Fingerless gloves: hand knit by Annie.  Hue jeggings: Beauty&Attitude (  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

Pink ribbon vest: Breast Cancer Site.  Silver circles necklace: El Cerrito Plaza Jewelers. Black, Champion, fleece shirt: Target girls.   Hue washed, blue jeggings. Silver studded belt: thrifted.  Black buckel boots and black fedora hat: Target. 
At sunset Rio dog & I went running on the beach.  Red cozy snood: hand knit by my dear friend Ethel.  Snazzy red gloves:Target.  Seashell: God.

Guest Fashionista

When I ran into my friend Maya, dressed to the nines in animal skin motif, including her glasses!, I had to have her guest on my blog.  I didn't have my iPhone4S so we used her phone for the photos. Jacket: clothing swap 10 years ago. Black velvet mini-dress: gifted from friend Vanessa Kam.  Boots: gifted by friend Isa. Necklace: handmade by Maya from turquoise beads (gifted by Fung Bao) with coral beads from Michaels. Earrings: Mexico.  Turquoise ring: Gifted by mother-in-law Terese Chung.  Amber ring: gifted from spouse, MeiBeck Scott-Chung. Leopard eyeglasses: gifted from MeiBeck.     

And below is what I wore Thanksgiving Day.  

Black faux leather leggings: Kova&T. Gifted, sequined, paisley print, tangerine, cotton long-sleeve: cousins Kathy/Danielle.  Miz Mooz lace-up black boots: Rabat. Black faux fur collar, faux leather vest: Tiff girls: Target. Brown, faux leather jacket: Target. Brown fingerless gloves: hand knit for me by Annie. Tangerine hat: Target. And below is me winning my first hand at Mah Jongg after a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast with family. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

I am very blessed with a blended, extended family.  The inspiring words below are offered by Norman, former partner, father of our son.
"We must often revive the gladness of gratitude and retrain our lips to utter words of thanks. 
God's gifts often go unnoticed in our haste; and disappointments may blind us to our blessings. 
We render thanks for life itself, for sight, hearing, smell and touch. 
For the certainty that an ever-renewing vital force infuses us and vibrates in the glory about us. 
We give thanks for the beauty of nature and its gifts, and pray that we may share as richly as we have received. 
We stand in wonder before the birth of children, the miracle of their growth, their love, and laughter.  And we hope our own children recognize the depth of our unqualified love we have for them.
We are grateful for love and the opening of hearts between partners, parents and children. 
We give thanks for our freedom, while knowing its frailty and recognize our obligation to nurture and protect it. 
We are grateful for the blessing we enjoy in this land, and hope that we may share in the renewal of its vigor. 
Our lives are truly enriched and made whole by the gift of our parents lives and presence, some here with us and others through their memories.  They continue to give us the strength and sustenance of soul to forge through life stronger and complete.  
We are grateful for the gifts of knowledge and conscience, enabling us to know truth from falsehood, right from wrong, for disturbing our peace when the blessings we enjoy are denied to others, when their need for justice and compassion is unfilled. 
We give thanks to God who shares with us a small spark of divine glory and wisdom, involving us in the drama which is God's and ours - the partnership of completing the work of creation."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yucky & Cute

After a flu and pneumonia shot both arms & my whole body are achy.  Further, I have an allergic reaction to something around my eyes and nose and in addition to stinging & itching, it is red, scaly, ugly!  And I still did dress up today for my two Dr. visits, Thanksgiving madness, food shopping and an evening with a favorite little girl.   

Wool hat: Newari handcrafted in Napal, IcelandicDesign. Boho cashmere gloves: Molly b.  Red Jacket: The North Face, boys: REI.  Hue charcoal jeggings & Joseph Seibel clogs: DB Shoe Outlet.  Black leg warmers. Layered underneath is a black sleeveless, cotton shirt under a gray long sleeved REI zipper neck shirt.  

Monday, November 21, 2011


This image is my contribution for today.  What I wore today was less interesting…  Is it a drawing, painting or photo?  Is it an abstract, a muscle, some bark or sand?  

Sunday, November 20, 2011


The new wide brimmed, burgundy hat (Target) inspired this outfit. Very comfortable, burgundy Miz Mooz boots: Rabat. My first choice for cold days, cozy D'all black jersey jeggings: Margaret O'Leary. A*Z*I*Z lace, burgundy, half sleeve, pullover top & gauzy, long sleeve, black top: thrifted from Sola Lucy. Faux fur collar and leather vest: Tiff from Target girls. Since I'm now only 5 feet tall and slim I often buy in the girls department where cloths fit me better and prices are about 30% lower. Silver circle-drape necklace: El Cerrito Jewelers.
For another beautiful, mature woman see

Friday, November 18, 2011

White Sweater Day

Wearing my fav "go to" jegging by Hue.  I LOVE that the Blondo blue/gray, boots have heels & are comfy, are lined & warm, are waterproof and stylish!  They were a lot more $ than I usually pay for rain boots but worth it: The Walk Shop.  Ralph Lauren thrifted, sleeveless, navy blue, cotton turtleneck.  White sweater: Sears.  Navy blue hat: Target.   

Holiday DressUp

Cities, streets and neighborhoods can dress up too.  Fourth Street, in Berkeley, Ca, dresses up for the winter holidays. It becomes a wonderland of sparkly lights and colors.  I think I live in the best place in the world, Berkeley Fourth Street, California.  New York is great, but it's so 20th century. Berkeley is 21st century, incubator for intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, political, hi tech and spiritual growth & development.  The decorations are beginning.  They turned on the lights last night for the first time this year. Watch for more dazzling panoramas as the transformation continues.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sparkly Pink

The Rock Solid sparkly shirt delighted two little girls today; I was the third!  It's a gift from cousins Kathy and Danielle.  Below is the fleur de lys detail on the shirt.  Jeggings: Anthropology.  Boots and hat: Target.  Filigree pin: inherited from Mother.