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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Thanksgiving

I am very blessed with a blended, extended family.  The inspiring words below are offered by Norman, former partner, father of our son.
"We must often revive the gladness of gratitude and retrain our lips to utter words of thanks. 
God's gifts often go unnoticed in our haste; and disappointments may blind us to our blessings. 
We render thanks for life itself, for sight, hearing, smell and touch. 
For the certainty that an ever-renewing vital force infuses us and vibrates in the glory about us. 
We give thanks for the beauty of nature and its gifts, and pray that we may share as richly as we have received. 
We stand in wonder before the birth of children, the miracle of their growth, their love, and laughter.  And we hope our own children recognize the depth of our unqualified love we have for them.
We are grateful for love and the opening of hearts between partners, parents and children. 
We give thanks for our freedom, while knowing its frailty and recognize our obligation to nurture and protect it. 
We are grateful for the blessing we enjoy in this land, and hope that we may share in the renewal of its vigor. 
Our lives are truly enriched and made whole by the gift of our parents lives and presence, some here with us and others through their memories.  They continue to give us the strength and sustenance of soul to forge through life stronger and complete.  
We are grateful for the gifts of knowledge and conscience, enabling us to know truth from falsehood, right from wrong, for disturbing our peace when the blessings we enjoy are denied to others, when their need for justice and compassion is unfilled. 
We give thanks to God who shares with us a small spark of divine glory and wisdom, involving us in the drama which is God's and ours - the partnership of completing the work of creation."

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