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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yucky & Cute

After a flu and pneumonia shot both arms & my whole body are achy.  Further, I have an allergic reaction to something around my eyes and nose and in addition to stinging & itching, it is red, scaly, ugly!  And I still did dress up today for my two Dr. visits, Thanksgiving madness, food shopping and an evening with a favorite little girl.   

Wool hat: Newari handcrafted in Napal, IcelandicDesign. Boho cashmere gloves: Molly b.  Red Jacket: The North Face, boys: REI.  Hue charcoal jeggings & Joseph Seibel clogs: DB Shoe Outlet.  Black leg warmers. Layered underneath is a black sleeveless, cotton shirt under a gray long sleeved REI zipper neck shirt.  

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