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Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPad Dead Zone

Due to weight & space constraints, I am in Cleveland with only my iPad & iPhone, not my MacPro and MacBookPro.  I discovered that I CANNOT UPLOAD photos or videos TO BLOGGER from iPad. Both Apple staff I've worked with claim that barrier is intentional. Woe is me. I can upload to Facebook but not Blogger.  So, until I return to my REAL computers, on July 2nd, we will be pictureless.  And what is a fashion blog w/o images?  Any computer savvy info on iPad would be welcome.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sea Ranch: Northern California Pacific Ocean Coast

I had a very relaxing 4 day weekend with friends Kathleen & Charles in Sea Ranch.  After driving out of the city I literally cried when I crested the rise and saw the majestic coastline.   Their hospitality to me and Rio dog was benchmark.  The 280 degree vista of the Pacific Surf from their two decks & living/dining rooms was astounding.  The majesty of nature was rivaled only by their friendship, great cooking and meeting some of their friends.
All photos were taken with an iPhone by Kathleen, Charles or me.

We hiked the beach while Rio frolicked in the surf.  We walked the redwoods with Rio obediently on his leash.  I love the jagged heights of the rough, weathered fence posts.  

We watched the birds migrating, the waterfalls through the rocks and greenery defying gravity.

This chapel was gifted to honor the memory of a young man, navy aviator, artist & zoologist, to offer a sanctuary for prayer, meditation & spiritual renewal.  Built by James Hubbell.

Sunday afternoon we hiked through a new growth redwood trees in a forest fecund with beauty.

Sunday morning after breakfast the low tide afforded us a magical walk along the tide pools filled with sea stars - formerly called star fish - and sea anemones.  Below, the Harbor Seal mothers & pups are sunning on the rocks.   

My 4-day travel wardrobe was very simple. I used layers to be comfortable in the hot sun and cold, windy surf.  
HATS: I brought two Target hats: the leopard print cap for the wind and the cowgirl hat for dress.  
BOOTS:  I wore a pair of Merrill boots.  
PANTS, TOPS  & SHIRTS: Two black jeggings and two camisoles, three shirts (white, plaid & striped caramel) that fit over my splint.
JACKETS:  A light & a heavy vest, a black windbreaker, gloves & wool socks completed the ensemble.  
They all rolled easily into a small backpack.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

70th Birthday Party

I was gone longer than expected.  My 70th BD party is still going on, as I yet have two friends from NYC who, along with a few old friends, are going out to play tomorrow.  And… I fractured my left wrist on Friday night (before the BIG Saturday party) at my dinner party for 14 of my 24 out of town guests.  We were cleaning up @ 9:30, closing down early to get enough rest for the BIG Saturday party, when I slipped on some grease on my wooden kitchen floor. The 7 eye witnesses swore I floated down to the floor like a feather, but I felt my left wrist take the brunt of the fall. I immediately iced & elevated the wrist. After 30 minutes debating among the 15 of us on whether or nor to hit the ER after 10pm on a Friday night, I decided I needed attention.  Good, but time consuming, call.  We didn't get home until after 3 am and I needed to be at my party @ 11!  Below is ER photo by Jerry Posner.

I fractured the wrist in two places, a T.  It will be in a splint another 2 weeks then a cast for about 4 weeks followed by a final splint.  On the bright side, I am right handed, the new splint frees my thumb & fingers, I am in no pain nor on any meds and I can still walk.  

The party was an unforgettable get-together  with 110 of my family & friends from the diverse paths of my life & all over the US.  I didn't stop smiling for hours.  I was showered with love and happy, funny, poignant memories and stories of our lives.  My son was the photographer who got pictures in spite of very challenging lighting and an unfamiliar camera.   

Me and Norman, my former partner and father to our son.  He was the masterful, entertaining M.C. for the afternoon.
Me with Katie and family.

Above is Pat giving me the beautiful Tony Lama belt with the horse buckle.  Below is me on Wednesday, wearing my beautiful new Tony Lama belt, gift from dear friends Pat Hooley & Jim Hookstra.  I am also sporting the latest in wrist splints.
Wielding a camera is not on the agenda for me any time soon, but next post I will regale you with some dazzling shots from the Jean Paul Gaultier show at our de Young Museum in San Francisco.  Happy trails, pard'ners.