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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Oscar Night Tribute to the Movies

I turned my attention back to more frivolous and fun matters after 10 days buried in 2011 bookkeeping. The tax preparation is complete & FAXed to the CPA.  Except for a meeting next Thursday to review the numbers, the bulk of my work is done for 2011.  What a relief!!!!!!!!
I grew up in LA, in the 1950s. Our parents owned a business in Hollywood and would park my brother and I in the movie theatre on Saturdays while they worked. We first watched the serial, a short chapter film, ending with a cliff- hanger, to be continued next week. Film series included Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon, Billy the Kid and Buck Rogers. Captain Marvel, Rocketman, Perils of the Darkest Jungle, King of the Carnival & Blazing the Overland Trail. The short movie serial was followed by a cartoon, then Movietone newsreels then the main feature.  One of our favorite theaters was the glamourous, popular & famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, coveted for Hollywood studio premiers. I was one of those fans who flocked to these events to see the celebrities arrive and walk up the red carpet into the theatre.  Rich in movie tradition, with its cement handprints & footprints in the forecourt, the Chinese Theatre immortalizes the brightest stars.  
Tonight, while watching the Oscars I reflected on those days and my style.  I moved to Berkeley in 1960 to go to the University of California, CAL Berkeley. Berkeley is true to it's stereotype, a place for serious intellectual endeavors; and does not embrace glamour.  I arrived with bleached blond bouffant hair & immediately died it brown and wore it straight down to match the norm. But I continued to love glamour.  I embraced the "back to nature girl" look in the 60s while a student & women's liberation stance, working in academia in the early 70s.  But as soon as I began working in the real world I embraced my love for glamour; I learned that being pretty & stylish was the perfect complement to being smart, serous, competent & successful. I dressed up. People often asked me where I was visiting from!!  You can take the girl out of Hollywood but you cannot take Hollywood out of the girl. So here I am wearing my red furry tribute to Hollywood glamour, handmade for me by my dear & talented friend, Ethel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cowgirl blue jeans

Our blended, extended family dined out Sunday night, celebrating the birthdays of our patriarch and his youngest son.  We ate at one of the relatively new gourmet, delicious California cuisine restaurants,  The manager told me I was the cutest thing to walk in the door all day.  That comment has this old woman (who feels 19) feeling good days later!          

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red & Gray

Saturday we had a day that promised of Spring so I ventured out in my open favored, Joan&David, open toed, platform, gunmetal grey heel. Blue polish pedicure from A Time for Nails.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black & Burgandy

Today was a retired day.  Some days I work and others I leisure.  After a wonderful morning meeting with friends I took our Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) underwater train into San Francisco to my son's workplace.  I had our weekly, hot lunch in my backpack.  This is a special, weekly hour for us to catch up & touch base in the quiet of his amazing Autodesk Gallery, rooftop garden or on a bench at water's edge.
Afterwards was my visit with my favorite, and only, hairdresser, Jhay of Green Hair-Oakland.  Throughout the day I enjoyed a few deeply appreciated compliments: "luv your hat"   "great boots"  "nice outfit"  "pretty hair"   
My pleasure comes from dressing up and the accolades are a reinforcing benefit, increasing my pleasure and resolve. Especially on days when I'm feeling like staying in bed.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orange & Blue

 Although I am dressing and showing up these days, the loss of my soul sister, Roberta, is palpable.  My jaunty pep is pooped.  Time is a great elixir and I trust it will dull the pain.  And her memory will enliven forever.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Red & Blue & Sculptures

 Expanding my theme of adornment to open spaces and homes, I'm including photos of whimsical sculptures made of found materials by Mark Olivier: