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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black & Burgandy

Today was a retired day.  Some days I work and others I leisure.  After a wonderful morning meeting with friends I took our Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) underwater train into San Francisco to my son's workplace.  I had our weekly, hot lunch in my backpack.  This is a special, weekly hour for us to catch up & touch base in the quiet of his amazing Autodesk Gallery, rooftop garden or on a bench at water's edge.
Afterwards was my visit with my favorite, and only, hairdresser, Jhay of Green Hair-Oakland.  Throughout the day I enjoyed a few deeply appreciated compliments: "luv your hat"   "great boots"  "nice outfit"  "pretty hair"   
My pleasure comes from dressing up and the accolades are a reinforcing benefit, increasing my pleasure and resolve. Especially on days when I'm feeling like staying in bed.  

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