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Monday, December 26, 2011

Party ! ! !

Since getting the shocking news of cancer in my beloved in-law, I haven't had the umph for blogging.  And the holiday celebrations further diverted me from my postings.  
I did enjoy a friend's dancing birthday party last Thursday 12.22.11.  Photos taken on iPhone 4S by Jennifer. Banana Republic pants: thrifted.  One Step Up red strappy top:  Nordstrom.  5th Avenue belt: NYC.  Bruno Magli black open toe dressy heels: Nordstrom.  Fingerless red gloves with bow (a favorite practical accessory of mine):H&M.  Red bead necklace handcrafted by Julie's Gifts,  415.823.6396 (  White rabbit jacket is a purchase from the 1980s; don't remember where I bought it.  I had to have it because the boxy, wide-shouldered style reminded me of a silver fox fur jacket my mother wore in the 1940s that I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!  I only buy faux fur these days; fur is so cozy on a cold night.     

When I saw Ashley's knock-out heels I was excited !!!!!!!  Then I looked up to see her top repeating the pattern and I swooned.  I had to share the stunning, bold look.  Sheik Shoes:  San Francisco. iPhione 4S photos.  

Elegant, radiant Ethel was at the party with her very nice & wonderful, handsome man, Will. 
Resplendent in red: Ethel and Anita

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