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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pink & Blue

Hats are my latest discovery and newest passion. Before I started this blog I was viewing a lot of fashion sites and seeing hats, hats, hats.  When I did some web shopping I concluded they were beyond my finances.  Then one night I was in Target and saw their amazing new hat collection.  That night I went from having no hats to having ten hats - a new wardrobe of hats!!!!!!  Being only 5 feet tall, I love that a hat can add 4" to my stature.  Fingerless gloves were my last passion.  I now own a whole color wardrobe of them too.  Hats and gloves are accessories that are both functional-giving warmth- and stylish.  And they bring an outfit "together".  
Hat and boots: Target.    Fingerless gloves: hand knit for me by Linda Cader, master knitter.  I love the beading in the cuff.  Champion ink & blue fleece tops: Target girls.  Black knit tights:

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  1. Oh I love this hat. The decorations are just lovely. Very pretty outfit.