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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blue and Yellow

Yesterday I sang the praises of hats and fingerless gloves and today those accolades are for boots.  Boots provide functionality (warmth & protection) and added style.  When I wear the same color boot as pants I feel they give the illusion of being taller (for my 5 foot body, height - or the illusion of - is something I seek)!  And if the boots have a heel, whoopee, even more height.  With the 4 inches of hat and 2 inches of heel suddenly I'm 5'6"!!! 

Hat: Target.  Yellow, wool, ribbed turtleneck sweater: Nordstroms in the 1980s.  tothemax! jean jacket: gift from cousins Danielle & Kathy.  Hue jeggings:  DBShoes.  Blue suede boots: Aerosoles. 

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