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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My True Colors

 Before I ever came to Cal - University of California, Berkeley, I was in love with it. 
 Time has only increased my adoration and appreciation for Berkeley, the city I proudly, thankfully call home.  So my true emotional colors are blue and gold, Golden Bear country.  I love to wear & look great in red, but that's our BIG rival, Stanford's color.   Today was a casual day.  Morning coffee date, breakfast with extended family celebrating daughter-in-laws birthday, cheering for oldest grandson's basketball team in the playoffs and long walk, hike, run at the beach with dog, Rio (black lab-Great Dame).  Albany Bulb is a spigot of landfill on the San Francisco Bay, with views of the Bay Bridge (left), San Francisco (middle) and the Golden Gate Bridge (right).  The hilly terrain is populated with beautiful art of/for the elements and many homeless encampments.
Cal visor: UC Student Store.  Long sleeve Cal shirt and tan jeggings:  Target girls.  Asics running shoes: TranSport.  

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