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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gray today with a touch of happiness.

Berkeley weather varies 40* in one day; add to that my daily workouts and I dress in layers. The felt, gray bowler hat is another one from my fabulous new hat collection: Target. The necklace is 30 years old. I bought it @ Club Med and haven't worn it for two decades. The earrings too are 20 years old and haven't been worn for eons. But they were perfect for today's outfit. That's why I keep everything. Yes my closets, jewelry boxes, drawers and shelves are bulging. My hangers fit onto each other and they often have 3 to 5 hangers cascading down. Shoes nestle two to a sleeve on hanging shoe caddies. The snugly grey boots (Target) keep my feet toasty after my barefoot runs on the beach with Rio dog.

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