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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Laces Have IT !

 The laces have it!  Black lace, Sigrid Olsen, turtleneck top and black bowler hat: Sola Lucy, my fav consignment shop.  Black lace-up Miz Mooz boots: Rabat Shoes.  Black lace skirt: Target girls.  Black, faux leather Kova&T leggings.  My fav watch: Omega Constellation gifted to myself for my 50th birthday.  


  1. Beautiful watch. I have an old antique omega watch that is not very pretty. Love the boots.

  2. Hi Anita -
    Lovely to see you modelling clothing. You are an ispiration. It is a pleasure to see your photos. Could I have permission to use some of your photos with credits and link back to your site? My site is Bohemian centred. Thanks Much, Deborah

  3. So nice to have your sweet, kind comments. Please use my photos w/ credits and link back. I am flattered!