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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opposites are attractive

I think the look of opposites is sexy: a bulky, warm sweater with jeans and sandals or shorts with boots. The Prana yoga shorts are rechiqued from Sola Lucy; the tank top from Walgreens; red, q.e.d., double-breasted, crop, cardigan sweater precious gift from cousin Kathy; red hat-Target. Brown & red beads woven with string from Machakuyaku, the Quechau Indian community I visited for a week while in Ecuador last April. Lacy red bead bracelet gift from cousin Gina. I LOVE the new Blondo boots; the style attracted me; their comfort, being waterproof and lined for warmth provided the final seduction. Pricy by my standards but worth it. From The Walk Shop:


  1. Pretty boots and cute outfit. You are far braver than I. I don't wear shorts often at all as my knees are a bit wrinkly. Pretty bracelets.
    Do you do yoga?

  2. Tnx 4 yr kind words. I am a devotee of yoga, usually practicing 5-6 times a week.