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Friday, October 28, 2011

I know I run like a girl (try to keep up)

Today is for running and photography. I usually convert my outfit for our daily run but today I'm hanging out in the running togs all day.  Brown tights: Rainbow, Emeryville.  "I know I run like a girl" brown, cotton shirt: Team In Training Expo. Emporio Armani brown/white wool scarf: Fink girls. Fingerless gloves - also called wristies - handknit by Alice.  White visor and brown snuggly boots: Target.  I took up running in the 1970s when I took a course at Esalen from Duvika Spino; it was very liberating.  I've been blessed to be running ever since, even after arthroscopic surgery in both knees for meniscus tears. These days I run barefoot at the beach with Rio dog. Running supports my good mental, physical and spiritual health.  

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