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Sunday, October 23, 2011


The herringbone hat inspired this outfit. Black Tribeca shorts, grey gaberdine shirt and silver-multi-bangle bracelet from Sola Lucy. Hat: Target. BearPaw boots: DBDiscount. I went shopping in the back of my drawer for the charcoal magnetic beads; they are so unused they weren't in any of my jewelry boxes. The silver necklace I bought during a last minute, two-week trip to Puerta Vallarta in 1987. My son was a senior in hi school; after asking for his report card for weeks he finally showed it to me in May! He was failing! He thought (very mistakingly) that since he'd been accepted into the very prestigious university of his choice he was home free. I brought out the acceptance letter and reviewed the second paragraph. "Acceptance contingent upon maintenance of academic excellence." He said he was taking all AP classes and could still do the work and get his grades up. I told him GREAT, but I wasn't going to hang around and be anxious or pushy. Two friends were headed to Mexico and I fled the pressure. p.s. he did it; went to Cal, graduated and has a fine career.

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