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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sheer Jeans

After 5 months of blogging I find I have posted much of the clothing that I wear. I always wear them in different combinations but if you are one of my valued followers, you have probably seen each piece in a different ensemble.  
This Millau blouse is fairly new, from Crossroads Trading; I love it's feminine detail and flow.

A day rarely finds me without one of my many hats and fingerless gloves. I was originally drawn to both for the aesthetic flair they gave.  But I quickly discovered the functional advantages of each. Hats bring warmth in the winter, sun protection and shade in the heat and always add a few inches to my petite 5 foot frame.  Fingerless gloves provide warmth, dexterity and skin protection from the elements.  Viva la vida!


  1. I love the blouse. I like feminine floaty sheer blouses and they are so hard to find. You look lovely in it.

    1. Thank you! I found it at Crossroads Trading & snapped it up immediatky; only $12 ??!!???!!!! I like to pair ultra fem with tailored or rough. Not quite grunge but maybe if i wrer really 19 instead of 69 i would go more to extremes, like grunge.