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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cuban Children

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I will spare you several hundred and just make a few comments.  
 The revolution was very much about racial equality and economic parity.  Today the black, hispanic and white cultures are entwined.  They proudly call themselves mulatto.  
In addition to guaranteeing food, shelter & medicine to every person, all children go to school.  The billboard announces that "In Cuba 100% of children are in school"  The population is both literate and educated. Buildings will crumble but all children are offered arts, music, dance and sports education and as much college & professional training as they seek.

 Embodying the egalitarian ethic students wear uniforms from nursery through high school. 

 Baseball is their national sport.  They start practicing very young with a stick if no bat is available.

 There is a very large population of dogs in Cuba.  They nap in the streets and people just drive around them. 

 Che Guevara has been elevated to national sainthood & hero.  He is revered.  Castro, very interestingly, deflects all the adoration and focus to Che.

The children may grow up to want more economic, social & political freedoms but the current system has produced children that are educated, healthy and happy. 
 Their infant mortality rate is far below that of the US.  Their life expectancy is higher than ours.

Cuba has an oversupply of trained & experience doctors.  Many of them are sent to poorer countries to work & build good will.

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