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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Even though my birthday isn't until May, today I was 8 years old (again).  After a year away from climbing I was back on the wall.  It was a buildup from the August surgery repair of massive rotator cuff damage then physical therapy & exercises from September through February and thenyoga in February. I was exhilarated to be climbing again.  Thanks to my new climbing partner, Bridget who also snapped this photo on my iPhone 4S.


  1. Wow! That looks like fun (although I have a feeling I'd get just a few feet off the ground and want to get down). Good for you though!

  2. Yes; it is fun, exhilarating, challenging & empowering. I became a certified climber in order to belay (tie in correctly and manage the security/safety ropes during a climb & fall) for my grandsons. Part of the test was to scale the wall. I got to the top and was overjoyed. I also like speed so once I reach the top I have my partner bring me down almost free fall speed. My grandsons didn't take to climbing but I did and have been doing it for a few years. There are lots of men my age who climb but I always find myself climbing with a group of young people. You can always come down if you don't like it. It requires not only physical strength and dexterity but strategy in deciding which hand & foot holds to take next & which direction to face in making the next move. Great physical & mental exercise that feels like play and is guaranteed to keep you young!