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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainforest Marathon

We began our exciting, action packed afternoon in Costa Rica, in the Arenal Volcano area, with a private adventure: 2 women with some fear & 2 experienced, confident guides, zip-lining 9 different zip-line routes around, within, above & through the jungle, seeing lush trees, flowers, monkies & sleuths.  Watching the videos below will show you the thrills.

Below, I'm zip-lining upside down with our guide, Muerte.  His name means death in Spanish; when I heard it, the laughter up-ended some of my fear.

Below, I'm flying with "Death". 

Below, I'm just zip-lining.

Below, after a slow start, I am galloping with my horse.

Above, Jessica and I are standing on the platform, before repelling down the cliff to the river.  At the river, we hiked back up a spiral staircase & over a trail to another jungle clearing where we picked up 2 horses & our guide. We then strolled, trotted & galloped our horses home.

We ended our day with a well deserved massage and facial followed by a delicious dinner of grilled Tilapia over vegetables with a baked potato.  


  1. You are the best advertisement for an active life! I look forward to seeing the videos and I'm wondering if holding on to the zip line requires a lot of upper body strength.

  2. Thank you! I love my life and am most grateful for my health and welfare. It's a gift I treasure! And I broke my left wrist 6 weeks ago (slipped on grease on my kitchen floor); it's healing; you can see the black splint. To slow myself down I had to pull down on the cable with my right arm. Because I could not use my left arm I was strapped in on the left. Even if I couldn't use either arm there is someone at the platform to break you. It's fun but not the same thrill as a roller coaster; no stomach flips. It feels so free, like flying and the rainforest is beautiful. Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You certainly are brave! I was just at an amusement park today and it was the first time I just had to say "no" to the rides. They just seemed to be a bit much for me anymore. Plus, I even passed up the water park slides....Not too adventurous am I?
    Your photos are very inspiring. We're getting a zip line in at a local beach/park this year. I'm going to try it!

  4. Thank you! At the first, of nine, zip-line platforms I was afraid and said I was backing out. But my traveling companion, Jessica, encouraed me. Actually she was insistent! So with fear still in my heart, I grabbed the cable and slid off the ledge into the forest; I did it anyway. And it was mild and fun. I felt no fear after that. And I felt a sense of accomplishment.
    Today I will face another fear: riding the big breakers at the beach. As a teen I was a fearless surfer at my Southern California beaches. But facing those big waves the other day scared me. Today I face them again and we'll see if I overcome that fear.

  5. Good luck! Fun to hear about your surfer days....I bet you loved the Beach Boys? ;)