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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Costa Rica: Quepos farmers' market

This morning, 7.21.12, Saturday, we walked to the local farmers market in downtown Quepos, at the marina.  I wore Jessica's Gap 1969 jean shorts & my maxstudio white linen top, with Champion visor and Keen sandals.  I purposely left all my shorts at home, thinking my 70 year old legs not fit for public consumption.  But it is too hot & humid for the long pants I did bring.  

The flowers along the streets & paths are lush and colorful.  

Below is  our local bus stop.

Many of the local vegetables and fruits are so big, they look like they were grown on steroids:
carrots the size of cucumbers
 beets as big as baseballs
squash  big as a guitar
radishes  big as tennis balls

grapes the size of golf balls 
bananas long as scythes  


We've been here 8 days, never heard a siren or saw a police car so we were wondering where the police were.  Today on our way to the fish market, we found them.


  1. Would that all police rode bicycles! Love all the similes about the fruit! The grapes made me gape! And you look amazing in your short shorts.

  2. Luscious produce photos!! And you're a great looking sweet yourself. ;)
    Such fun travels. We were able to visit Panama back in 2005. It was very hot and at the time of packing I thought I might prefer to cover up too, but I ended up wearing my pajama shorts a lot. They were the coolest thing I had for the waist down.