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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cat Walk

I am now in Costa Rica for a month; arrived yesterday 7.14.12.  Having spent most of the last 24 hours in the fragrant, waters of the hot springs the pictures of the jaguar & ocelots are much more beautiful than I.  Ocelots are the third largest feline in Central America behind the Jaguar and Puma. But I think I am more relaxed!  Tomorrow we go repelling and horseback riding.  I'll get some images of that!

This trip I ignored all space and weight constraints and brought 4 bags & a luggage carrier.  One suitcase was filled with camera equipment: Camera body, 3 lens, monopod, chargers, batteries, compact flash cards for the photos, plugs, cables, extension cord, a 4x6 printer, ink & paper.  My backpack was filled with computer equipment: 17" MacBookPro, LaCie rugged portable external back up drive, iPad with keyboard, iPhone, chargers & cables. Stacked they were almost as tall as I am...


  1. Sounds like you are prepared this time. And the ocelots are truly compelling.

  2. The ocelots are so very beautiful.
    This is the "green" or wet season in Costa Rica. Tonight it's pouring rain and I am so, so pleased that I brought my Merrill rain boots. Too tired for a photo but it's also very, very hot & humid so I wore short jean shorts, a black camisole, Tony Lama brown belt with horse buckle, brown hat & my brown boots (for fashion). The downpour started while we were out and my waterproof Merrill boots kept my felt dry and helped on slippery surfaces. Score one for foresight.