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Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Spring!  Hag Sameach!  Happy Easter!

Spring fashion sprung showing colorful pants galore inspiring me to pull out these red Chelsea davis jeans. Having not worn them for about 8 years I was thinking about taking them to a resale store.  This is just another reminder of why I keep my clothes forever.  The red heart pin I've had for 43 years.  I bought it from a street vendor the year my son was born.  I have a black, long sleeve, rayon, mock turtle neck that I bought when I was 21.  I've owned that shirt for 48 years.  I had to resew the hem on one of the sleeves but I've been wearing it all my adult life.  
There is a popular saying, "Get rid of any clothing item you haven't worn in the last year. " To me that is a wasteful, ridiculous, extravagant idea.  Certainly basic pieces can be comfortably & fashionably worn for decades. Even the more trendy items will be just the right accent for a newer fashion or the key contrast for a  new style.  My closets may be brimming but I'm happy to have the amazing variety I've collected over the last 50 years still at my fingertips.


  1. I with you on that one about the ridiculousness of "weeding out your wardrobe". I like it as it is, thanks. You never know when you're apt to re-fall in love with something.

    Love from England,

    1. Definitely!!! I just wore a pair of flare legged jeans that I hadn't put on for 2-3 years. They were perfect! If they hadn't been there I would have missed them. Love to England from California.