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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Belated Happy Mothers Day & Hiatus

A Belated Happy Mothers Day
to all who nourish, love and devote themselves to two and four legged beings.

These photos are what I wore Saturday when I went to the Berkeley Rep Theater for Red - a brilliant, engaging, raw, emotional play about Mark Rothko, the Abstract Expressionist painter, during 1958-59, when he was painting the 30 Seagram Murals for the Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC.  The 30, largely 8ft x 6ft, paintings never hung at the restaurant.  The play is the dramatic story of why not.

Mauve, flowered felt hat & purple sweater:  Target
Lavender lace Hanky Panky tee:  gift from Kathy & Danielle
HUE jeans: DB Shoes
Joan & David shoes:  Joan & David, now defunct, outlet in Calistoga

As followers know, I just turned 70 and am giving a BIG party for 120 in two weeks at the Berkeley Yacht Club with many out-of-town family & friends.  So… I have been & will continue to be very busy preparing for the four days of festivities.  The major project for this week is to identify & digitize photos for the slide show that will be showing during the event.  Reluctantly, I will not be posting for a while.  I always wish there were more hours in the day because life offers so many rich, engaging & fun things to do.
Alas & alack, I cannot fit in all I love to do.   For the next two weeks the Party is taking priority over my BLOG.  But I will be back soon.  


  1. These are great photos!! You look great! See you when you return. ;)

    1. Tnx 4 hangin' in there! Love your blog & "women who inspire" section.

  2. In love with your hat, your poses, your blue toenail polish. You are truly an inspirations. Enjoy your celebrations!

    1. I am honored by your words because you are such an elegant woman in body, mind & spirit. The stunning beauty of you in your lace/rose outfit was outmatched, however, by your generosity of love & care.

  3. Glad tohave found you. Following and hoping to become good blogger friends, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. I'm glad you found me too because now I know about the fabulous, amazing, exciting you!!! Your style and spirit are invigorating & creative.